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hari-hari penuh intrik…ga ada design yg kelar…kyaknya semakin sempit aja otak ini….tapi demi mimpi ya harus bisa !


can i create a paypall account without a cc?

I live in Indonesia

please help me…

about design: Good environment could be a paradise for birds

Sold/winning: winning at RIPTapparel(chicago) contest

more trees for birds

more trees for birds

about design: I miss the sunset in my village

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coming home

coming home

about design: live is too short to make too many mistakes

sold to: Barmetalshop – switzerland

I’m waiting for a free bonus t-shirt!:)

Birth, live and Death

Birth, live and Death


Posted on: May 17, 2009

Klo lagi ga ada ide ngegambar juga jadi beban…yg paling bt sih klo ada ide tapi ga bisa di tuangin ke design. Beberapa hari ini 2 hal tadi yg ada huhhh…..

semoga hari esok banyak ide!


Posted on: May 10, 2009


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  • Tina: Hey! Apa kabar, just thought i would say hello because you are from Indonesia and this is one of my favourite places in the world. I spent 2 months i
  • risna: niat kamu emang aku udah tau dari dlu.sukses ya
  • melostar: thanks brother